Game Anima is a partnership venture founded in June 2018, and is the first Official Yu-Gi-Oh! Trading Card Game (OCG) Card Store in Sabah. Since then, Game Anima strive to be the go-to store for official Yu-Gi-Oh! merchandises, competitions and ranking matches.

Our Vision

To cultivate passion and interest in the TCG gaming society. We want to bring the best gaming experience made possible to the players, specifically Malaysian players, by throwing Events and Tournaments for all to participate. This is to encourage people that TCGs are not just a mere hobby nor a game, it is Beyond the Game. You can actually be elevated to world-class standards and achievements. We hope to be the bridge and eye-opener between TCG Communities and the broader society.

Our Mission

It is our goal to make purchasing of TCG easier and attainable to everyone. From a novice searching for his first deck, to an old-time collector hunting for a limited-edition card. It is our highest priority here at gameanima.com to create the best online shopping experience for every player Worldwide!

Our Founders

C.K. Chang

Founder – Managing Partner

Chang is the Founder and Managing Partner of Game Anima, taking the lead since our inception in 2018. Chang manages the overall strategy and direction of Game Anima, and overseas sales, marketing initiatives and business development.

Raymond Pung

Co-Founder – Partner

Raymond is the co-founder and Partner of Game Anima, joined since the early establishment of Game Anima. Raymond plays an important role in engaging customers physically, arranging game time and hosting of competitions. Without Raymond’s effort and services, Game Anima would just be yet another card store.

Terence Tan

Co-Founder – Partner

Terence is the co-founder and Partner of Game Anima, joined a year after Game Anima’s humble beginning. Taking charge of business innovations and providing solutions to business predicaments. Working closely with Chang on marketing and business development.

We want to emphasize that we are more than just an Online TCG Store. We strive to work for the betterment of the TCG culture and society.

The Game Anima Team.