Brave Token Basic Rarity set

DBGC-JP025 Rite of Aramesia UR x3
DBGC-JP026 Aquamancer of the Sanctuary SR x3
DBGC-JP027 Magicite Warrior of the Ruins N x3
DBGC-JP028 Wandering Gryphon Rider SR x3
DBGC-JP029 Journey of Destiny SR x3
DBGC-JP030 Noble Arms of Light – Dannel N x3
DBGC-JP031 Starlit Papillon N x3
DBGC-JP032 Dracoback the Dragon Steed N x3
DBGC-JP033 Zararham the Dark Temple N x3
DBGC-JP034 The Woods of Lost Flowers N x3
DBGC-JP035 Thunder Discharge N x3
DBGC-JP036 Resurrection Breath N x3


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