DIFO-JP047 Sekitori - Musomaru 席取-六双丸

2 Level 6 Monsters

(1) At the start of your opponent’s Battle Phase: Activate this effect. Roll a six-sided die. Assign the next 6 Main Monster Zones on either field from the perspective of this card that is in a Main Monster Zone, a number from 1 to 6 clockwise, and move this card into the Zone assigned the number of the die-roll result. If there is a monster in a Zone this card is about to move into, attach it to this card as material. (If it is an Xyz Monster, transfer its materials to this card as well.) If this card has 6 or more Xyz Materials attached this way, the controller of this card wins the Duel. If this card cannot move into a Zone, or if there is a monster in a Zone it is about to move into and it cannot attach that monster as material, send this card to the GY.




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