Exosister Basic Rarity set

DBGC-JP013 Exorsister Elise N x3
DBGC-JP014 Exorsister Stella SR x3
DBGC-JP015 Exorsister Elaine N x3
DBGC-JP016 Exorsister Sophia SR x3
DBGC-JP017 Exorsister Mikhaelise UR x3
DBGC-JP018 Exorsister Caspitelle N x3
DBGC-JP019 Exorsister Jibrine SR x3
DBGC-JP020 Exorsister Usophiel N x3
DBGC-JP021 Exorsister Pax SR x3
DBGC-JP022 Exorsister Amento N x3
DBGC-JP023 Exorsister Carpedibel N x3
DBGC-JP024 Exorsister Vadis SR x3


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