P.U.N.K Secret Rare Full NPR set

DBGC-JP001 Ukiyoe P.U.N.K. Sharakusai NPR x3
DBGC-JP002 Gagagku P.U.N.K. Wagon NPR x3
DBGC-JP003 Joururi P.U.N.K. Madame Spider SR x3
DBGC-JP004 Noh P.U.N.K. Seamin SR x3
DBGC-JP005 Noh P.U.N.K. Foxy Tune SR x3
DBGC-JP006 Noh-P.U.N.K. Numeral Ogre SR x3
DBGC-JP007 Ukiyoe P.U.N.K. Carp Rising NPR x3
DBGC-JP008 Ukiyoe P.U.N.K. Amazing Dragon SER x3
DBGC-JP009 Gagaku-P.U.N.K. Wild Picking NPR x3
DBGC-JP010 Gagaku-P.U.N.K. Crusher Beat NPR x3
DBGC-JP011 Joururi P.U.N.K. Dangerous Gabu NPR x3
DBGC-JP012 Joururi P.U.N.K. Nashiwari Surprise NPR x3


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